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1. Duties/ work activities understood, and Supervisor/ Site Manager identified?
2. Timesheet & payment procedure understood?
3. PPE Requirements understood?
4. Location of amenities (toilet/ changeroom, lunchroom etc) understood?
5. Location of nearest fire exits and firefighting equipment (extinguishers/hose reels) understood?
6. Emergency and evacuation procedures and location of muster / assembly point identified and understood?
7. Location of first aid treatment, incident, injury and hazard reporting procedures understood?
8. Hazardous substances and location of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) identified and understood?
9. Manual handling guidelines understood?
10. Health and Safety Regulations understood?
11. Emergency contact numbers identified and understood?
12. Company Policies and Procedures identified and understood?
13. You understand you are not to perform any work or operate any plant/machinery unless management have been notified and have ensured you are fully trained to continue with the task